Bitcoin Risks Plunging to $8K as Gold, Stocks Dive on

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“This is a very sharp rebound and is very encouraging for the U.S. and the global economy as a whole,” Sebastien Galy, a macro strategist at Nordea Asset Management, told WSJ. “While we still might not see a V-shaped recovery, we’re certainly moving away from a U-shaped one.” A $10,000 Bitcoin Here’s SocGen’s Sebastien Galy: Bitcoin – after so many requests I had to give up and do something. Bitcoins have a money supply that is theoretically increasing following an algorithm Sebastien Galy, a strategist at Nordea Asset Management, noted the recent pullbacks would do little in harming the prevailing global market rally. A spike in virus cases in China and the U.S. led investors to offload part of their profitable, risk-on positions for cash this Monday. Galy said the wild rise in price moves in recent weeks undermines Bitcoin's original purpose. "If their intent was to have a means of exchange, then they failed spectacularly," he said. Investors yanked $1.6 billion from a popular exchange-traded fund for junk bonds—the iShares iBoxx USD High Yield Corporate Bond ETF—during the week that ended Feb. 25, according to

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The experienced founder who had earlier started file sharing site eDonkey, acted fast and started the first Bitcoin exchange MtGox which he later sold to now-infamous Mark Karpeles. Découvrir les 3 secrets de la crypto-monnaie : Sur les 21 millions de Bitcoins à miner, plus de 3 millions ont déjà été perdu ! L'effet de rareté pourrait ainsi jouer ... The industry of Bitcoin exchanges is “extremely centralized at the moment,” he said, and trusting a federation of them instead of any single exchange is preferred. He added:“[Regarding] the ... Sebastien Galy, a strategist at Nordea Asset Management, told FT that investors would reenter the market on the next dip. The upside mood should reflect on Bitcoin as well, allowing it to retest ... Bitcoin continues to have a bad week as it fell under $4,000 today. So let’s take a closer look. At the start of the month we saw bitcoin surge, hitting a record high climbing past $5,000 on ...

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