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Apparently underbanking here in Brazil created a payment method that now allows people to buy virtually anything using Bitcoin

first of all I am not linking anything here so people don't think I am advertising stuff
In modern-day Brazil, a huge part of the population still has no access to mainstream banking. Most of the population still has no access to credit cards for instance, which led to the creation of a special payment system around here. It's called the boleto bancário (or boleto for short) and it may be slowly and silently becoming a threat to monopolist banks very soon.
I don't know if you have a similar system where you live but I've never heard of something like this in the US so here we go. Here is how those work, basically: people buy stuff (mostly on the internet) and print a one-page document with a unique barcode. They can subsequently take the document or the code to a bank, an ATM, a lotérica (or one of the thousands of places here who accept such payments around here) and pay there with live cash. The payment is processed in 1-3 days and whatever you buy is sent like usual. If you don't pay, your order is just cancelled. You don't owe anyone anything in that case since nothing is being sent. No big deal.
The thing behind that system you're not actually paying the bank or the store directly - you are paying a independent correspondent (a frequently privately owned lotérica for instance) and as such those are free to take any payment method. And apparently you can now pay for those. Over the internet. With BTC.
Now let's put this into perspective. AliExpress, PayPal, MercadoPago (our "local PayPal"), PagSeguro (our second "local PayPal") and all major outlets take boleto today, because they wouldn't sell nearly as much if they didn't. (Mostly because people wouldn't be able to pay.)
So I just found out someone here created a service that allows you to type your barcode in and pay any boleto using Bitcoin. Directly over the internet.
Now, this is something much bigger than or whatever system you already have in the USA. I have never tried that website and therefore cannot endorse it or recommend it by any means but hell if it is legit this is really big mostly because there are no strangers (apart from the website which processes the payment of course) involved. You are basically selling Bitcoin for anything you want - even balance on Neteller for instance (yes, you can put money into your card using boleto here).
As of now, BTC is mostly unknown here and basically no one knows about that website. But no one knows what's coming next.
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