A Culture War Is Brewing Between Bitcoin’s Old and New

History has told you that the infamous Theymos-controlled bitcoin.org and /r/bitcoin will spread FUD before NOV to affect the price. They have done so many times before.

Many newbies will be misled by those misinformation sites controlled by infamous Theymos of Blockstream Core to dump bitcoins.
Be ready to buy the dip! Don't forget to dump the BCore altcoin in Nov to buy more btc!
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Funny how it says "Submit text NOT about price" except for those days when theymos wants everyone to FOMO into the next bulltrap.
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Bitcoin Morning Brief w/ Jimmy - Theymos vs Core, Price ATH

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Bitcoin Morning Brief w/ Jimmy - Theymos vs Core, Price ATH

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Tinfoil Hat Party: Are Tether-Bitfinex-Blockstream-Theymos (the Axis of BitEvil) suppressing the Bitcoin Cash price? /r/btc

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Bitcoin Morning Brief w/ Jimmy - Theymos vs Core, Price ATH

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Tone Vays - Bitcoin Morning Brief w/ Jimmy - Theymos vs Core, BDiamond Scam & Price ATH

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Can one of the mods ban this retard already? At this point its literally spam. Look at his comment history. Price predictions are one thing but this guy is just being an asshole to be an asshole.
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History has told you that the infamous Theymos-controlled bitcoin.org and /r/bitcoin will spread FUD before NOV to affect the price. They have done so many times before. /r/btc

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Still wondering about the Theymos 6000 btc, where is it?

Hi guys..
I came across a video the other day explaining the bitcointalk donations for a upgrade on the forums were missused or just not even used at all. Everything turns out this Theymos kid got a monopoly on mayor bitcoin forum.. Isn't this against what the creator had in mind?
I reacted on a on old 2013 bitcointalk post " Is this the new forum guys?? 6000 x btc = 60million $ .. :( " And my comment got deleted a day later..
Does anyone got more info? :D
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Greetings /r/Bitcoin! Some information for the newest among you!

Hello there,
The community is entering a new phase of Bitcoin with media attention, price action, and of course subreddit activity.
We wanted to post a thread with some general information/resources to help the newbies navigate this new activity along with providing a space to ask questions.
You have questions about Bitcoin? This entire thread is dedicated to exactly that!
Before we dive in, I highly suggest reading theymos 's thread on reckless investing.
I’d like to stress that Bitcoin is not a get rich quick scheme.
Our previous FAQ that has some useful links.
The Bitcoin Wiki FAQ in the sidebar.
Bitcoin resources for the newbie and advanced techies alike.
Welcome from your friendly neighborhood moderators and feel free to post questions below.
We will do our best to answer some and I'm sure our more seasoned community members will join in to help.
HODL on friends.
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Thanos would be pleased

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Bullish Sign? Bitcoin Reddit Traffic Rises For the First Time Since 2017

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[Cryptocurrency] The Bitcoin civil war

You have probably heard of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin after its meteoric rise in price last year, but you may not know that it has one of the most drama-filled communities on the planet. This is one of the many bizarre tales from crypto-land.

It started with the block size debate. Simplified, the block size is a hard cap on the transaction capacity of each "block" in the bitcoin blockchain. Basically it results in a maximum rate of transactions possible on the bitcoin network. This number is actually pretty low, like 7 transactions per second, and in 2017 this limit was hit. This caused transaction fees and transaction confirmation time to rise dramatically, as people competed to get their transactions included in the next block. At one point it would cost on average over $50 to get your transaction confirmed, and those with lower fees had their transactions stuck in limbo for days or even weeks.

Understandably, many people were upset at this, and wanted to increase the block size to allow a higher rate of transactions. The problem is that many others disagreed and thought that it was too risky to change the block size. This is because changing the block size means changing the fundamental rules of the blockchain, which is not backwards compatible. The full pros and cons of each side are numerous and technical, so I won't bore you with them, but the point is that the debate grew and grew in intensity for many months, with neither side willing to budge.

This culminated in a group of people deciding to deliberately release new software with a block size increase, knowing that it would cause a split (a so-called fork) in the blockchain because the other side would refuse to use their rules and would thus continue their own blockchain as if the others didn't exist. Enter "Bitcoin Cash", the new blockchain with the increased block size.
So now each side can simply move on and use the version they prefer. All good, right? Hah, no, this is where things start getting really juicy.

You see, both sides claimed they were the "true" bitcoin. Especially Bitcoin Cash fans would very often make the claim that Bitcoin Cash was how the original creator of Bitcoin had meant the project to evolve. These claims were based on a few vague 8-year old quotes from the creator saying that the block size could possibly be increased in the future if necessary. The creator of Bitcoin goes by the psuedonym Satoshi, he is a mysterious developer that no one have heard from for years. The phrase "Satoshi's vision" was repeated so much in the debate that it has pretty much become a meme phrase in the community.

Therefore, Bitcoin Cash would probably have wanted to be simply called Bitcoin, but they grudgingly accepted the suffix "Cash" to their name for the time being for the sake of practicality, as they were the minority. However, this wasn't enough for the original Bitcoin side. Their fans were really irked by the fact that the forked-off chain had the nerve to have "Bitcoin" in their name too, tainting the reputation of their own bitcoin blockchain. They claimed Bitcoin Cash was trying to piggyback off their brand for profit.

Because of this, they started referring to Bitcoin Cash as "Bcash" instead. This name was invented and only used by the anti-Bitcoin-Cash camp, so some would call it a rather petty deliberate tactic to undermine the competing fork. However most of them denied this, saying it was merely a harmless abbreviation, or to avoid confusion for beginners. Granted, two separate blockchains that both have bitcoin in their name *is* pretty confusing.

But the Bitcoin Cash fans didn't buy it, and were very offended. The best example is this lovely, infamous clip, where a Bitcoin Cash spearheader lost it during an interview because the interviewer wouldn't stop using the word Bcash: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCOjCEth6xI

In turn, many Bitcoin Cash fans started calling the original chain for "Bitcoin Core", or "Bcore". The suffix "Core" comes from the name of the biggest wallet software made for Bitcoin. The Bitcoin Cash camp would often claim that the original Bitcoin chain was actually taken over by the Bitcoin Core developers, or more precisely Blockstream, a company that funded many of them, and was deliberately restricted in block size to make Blockstream's commercial products more desirable.

Hilariously, some Bitcoin Cash supporters decided to start their own new unrelated cryptocurrency, and called it Bcash, so that they could say that calling Bitcoin Cash for Bcash was objectively wrong since the name Bcash was already officially taken by another project.

Both sides would regularly attack each other by performing DDoS's, hacks, spam attack on the opposite blockchain to clog it up, and so on. The reddit communities split into at least two, /bitcoin and /btc. Both subreddits are accused of heavy censorship, especially /bitcoin does not let anyone talk about Bitcoin Cash, except sometimes if the content is aligned with their own opnions. Its main mod, Theymos, once posted the following announcement post trying to justify the censorship. It contains megalomaniac nuggets like "If 90% of /Bitcoin users find these policies to be intolerable, then I want these 90% of /Bitcoin users to leave."

Meanwhile, yet more forks of Bitcoin started popping up, including Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Diamond, and Bitcoin Private. Also more recently, Bitcoin Cash had a controversial fork of its own resulting in Bitcoin SV, a fork of a fork. But that's another story.

Not much has progressed since the fork around 18 months ago. Both sides still hate each other, but for now it seems the original Bitcoin chain is easily winning in popularity. But this might be because after the bubble last winter the transaction volume has decreased enough to allow most to fit into its block size. Who knows what will happen if/when the transaction volume picks up again and renders the blockchain all but useless.
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Notice: Redditor for 3-4 months accounts or accounts that do not have a history of Bitcoin posts are probably the same person or just a few people paid to manipulate discussion here. It's likely a paid astroturfing campaign.

One common theme is that none of them know anything about Bitcoin as espoused in the whitepaper. They all seem to be pro-government regulation, anti-2mb max-blocksize and they all love Core/1mb/crippled Bitcoin.
This is what happens when a new tech with huge promise is attacked from within. Thanks BlockstreamCore for screwing Bitcoin for centralized control and personal gain at the expense of the masses (just like a big banker would do).
Update: most of them have a very-first post that is fighting the 2x increase. These aren't new users they are attackers that should be downvoted and possibly warned/temp banned if they continue to troll and mislead real new Bitcoin users.
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Fun fact "I sold 15,000 BTC on Bitcoin Market for ~0.003 USD: the all-time low on any market, AFAIK." - Theymos

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False Flags, Vote Manipulation, and Trolls

I just wanted to let the community know for those who aren't aware (but I assume most actually are by now) that /btc has been under constant attack for some time now. To be honest, we've been the targets of many different forms of attack since we re-launched the sub back in 2015 after /bitcoin head mod theymos started his mass bans and censorship campaign where he and others like /bitcoin mod Bashco have banned thousands and thousands of people because their opinions aren't the same as theirs. Anyone and everyone that is against free speech and/or has ties to theymos and Bitcoin Core ideologies has tried in some way to undermine and disrupt this sub, even going so far as to try to sneak in fake mods to destroy the sub from within and creating small focused groups that target this sub and others that support us on social media with trolling campaigns and even using fake bought and sold accounts to troll people. They have even gone so far as to personify scammers into heroes to help push their propaganda.
Although we may not be absolutely impervious to attacks I believe we've kept to our core principles of free speech and have provided a safe censorship-free environment here for anyone to partake in, from any side of the argument. If you want more information about some frequently asked questions/topics like this, please take a moment to read our FAQs which have a lot of the links and info from above in them.
What is this post about?
I'd like to keep this post short, so I'll get to the point. Ever since the Bitcoin Cash fork in August 2017 our readership and subscriber counts have sky rocketed. With the sensitivity to the topic and obviously our engagement much higher and with Bitcoin Cash showing huge price spikes the amount of trolling and overall attempt to disrupt here has heightened. We've seen it with an increase in trolls, fake accounts, spam, scams, and more.
When SegWit2X was getting closer toward activation (it still has a couple days left before the target block height was supposed to trigger) we saw an uptick in trolls and what some call 'concern' trolling. Then SegWit2X was cancelled. Within a day or two of the cancellation Bitcoin Cash garnered a huge amount of market attention from all over the world. At this point is when the trolling and manipulation was set into motion.
You can see examples of trolling all over, even in the /BitcoinCash sub where trolls are trying plant the seed that Bitcoin Cash is just a "pump and dump" scheme (which it isn't).
But the most egregious troll to happen yet occurred on Monday. Reddit user itbekaleb posted to the /btc sub a post that was clearly being vote manipulated (had hundreds of upvotes in minutes). The mods here all agreed this was some sort of vote manipulation happening but in an abundance of caution we decided not to remove the post but post flair that reads "Possible Vote Manipulation, Use Caution" so any reader can know right away something is awry and also I posted a top level distinguished sticky comment explaining what may be happening. Some even caught on quickly that this must be a false flag attempt to make our sub look bad, but it didn't work.
That same user also posted the same post in /BitcoinCash, where we did the same thing with the flair and top level comment. What is even more strange is the same user posted later in the thread that his account was hacked and they changed the password and that they are "good for security advice," (implying after changing their password they are good at user opsec). Except when I asked this user since they now have control over their account they should delete the post since they didn't create it and were "hacked," the same user responded with a few comments then all of a sudden claiming they don't know how to delete the post and asking mods to "dELeTE THiS." The post is still up, and the user never deleted it. Which makes me scratch my head was this intentional after all by the user or were they really hacked?
What has even made this more strange was just less than 24 hours ago /bitcoin mod Bashco (yeah the same guy who has censored and banned thousands along with theymos who has possibly embezzled millions of dollars in a giant scam) made a sticky post to /bitcoin and within it commenting and laying the blame on /btc, implying one or some of our readers are doing the vote manipulation and "hacking." However there is zero proof to this. A reddit admin did chime in and confirm something "fishy" was happening in regards to the vote manipulation, but again, there is zero evidence it has anything do with /btc.
The fact of the matter is nobody knows who is behind this attack. But it's clear that one of the goals is to make this sub and Bitcoin Cash look bad.
There is precedence when it comes to this sort of thing. Most recently with the fake Russian ads posted to Facebook which were intended to divide political groups. It wasn't pro-Trump or pro-Clinton people that posted the ads, it was another group in Russia that did it with the intent to disrupt.
In the end, so far we have no proof who is behind this and what their motives are. But to lay blame on this sub and it's readers is a huge red flag to me that something else is not right with all of this given the past history with censorship, trolling, and targeted attacks by people in /bitcoin.
To whoever is doing this, we do not condone or encourage this sort of activity; not in the name of /btc or Bitcoin Cash. Whoever is doing this, please stop!
I'm sure I left out some things in this post, so feel free to leave a comment on what your thoughts are and any more information you can provide.
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Long live decentralized bitcoin(!) A reading list

Newbs might not know this, but bitcoin recently came out of an intense internal drama. Between July 2015 and August 2017 bitcoin was attacked by external forces who were hoping to destroy the very properties that made bitcoin valuable in the first place. This culminated in the creation of segwit and the UASF (user activated soft fork) movement. The UASF was successful, segwit was added to bitcoin and with that the anti-decentralization side left bitcoin altogether and created their own altcoin called bcash. Bitcoin's price was $2500, soon after segwit was activated the price doubled to $5000 and continued rising until a top of $20000 before correcting to where we are today.
During this drama, I took time away from writing open source code to help educate and argue on reddit, twitter and other social media. I came up with a reading list for quickly copypasting things. It may be interesting today for newbs or anyone who wants a history lesson on what exactly happened during those two years when bitcoin's very existence as a decentralized low-trust currency was questioned. Now the fight has essentially been won, I try not to comment on reddit that much anymore. There's nothing left to do except wait for Lightning and similar tech to become mature (or better yet, help code it and test it)
In this thread you can learn about block sizes, latency, decentralization, segwit, ASICBOOST, lightning network and all the other issues that were debated endlessly for over two years. So when someone tries to get you to invest in bcash, remind them of the time they supported Bitcoin Unlimited.
For more threads like this see UASF

Summary / The fundamental tradeoff

A trip to the moon requires a rocket with multiple stages by gmaxwell (must read) https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/438hx0/a_trip_to_the_moon_requires_a_rocket_with/
Bram Cohen, creator of bittorrent, argues against a hard fork to a larger block size https://medium.com/@bramcohen/bitcoin-s-ironic-crisis-32226a85e39f#.558vetum4
gmaxwell's summary of the debate https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1343716.msg13701818#msg13701818
Core devs please explain your vision (see luke's post which also argues that blocks are already too big) https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/61yvvv/request_to_core_devs_please_explain_your_vision/
Mod of btc speaking against a hard fork https://www.reddit.com/btc/comments/57hd14/core_reaction_to_viabtc_this_week/d8scokm/
It's becoming clear to me that a lot of people don't understand how fragile bitcoin is https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/59kflj/its_becoming_clear_to_me_that_a_lot_of_people/
Blockchain space must be costly, it can never be free https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/4og24h/i_just_attended_the_distributed_trade_conference/
Charlie Lee with a nice analogy about the fundamental tradeoff https://medium.com/@SatoshiLite/eating-the-bitcoin-cake-fc2b4ebfb85e#.444vr8shw
gmaxwell on the tradeoffs https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1520693.msg15303746#msg15303746
jratcliff on the layering https://www.reddit.com/btc/comments/59upyh/segwit_the_poison_pill_for_bitcoin/d9bstuw/

Scaling on-chain will destroy bitcoin's decentralization

Peter Todd: How a floating blocksize limit inevitably leads towards centralization [Feb 2013] https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=144895.0 mailing list https://lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipermail/bitcoin-dev/2013-February/002176.html with discussion on reddit in Aug 2015 https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/3hnvi8/just_a_little_history_lesson_for_everyone_new_the/
Nick Szabo's blog post on what makes bitcoin so special http://unenumerated.blogspot.com/2017/02/money-blockchains-and-social-scalability.html
There is academic research showing that even small (2MB) increases to the blocksize results in drastic node dropoff counts due to the non-linear increase of RAM needed. http://bravenewcoin.com/assets/Whitepapers/block-size-1.1.1.pdf
Reddit summary of above link. In this table, you can see it estimates a 40% drop immediately in node count with a 2MB upgrade and a 50% over 6 months. At 4mb, it becomes 75% immediately and 80% over 6 months. At 8, it becomes 90% and 95%. https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/5qw2wa_future_led_by_bitcoin_unlimited_is_a/dd442pw/
Larger block sizes make centralization pressures worse (mathematical) https://petertodd.org/2016/block-publication-incentives-for-miners
Talk at scalingbitcoin montreal, initial blockchain synchronization puts serious constraints on any increase in the block size https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgjrS-BPWDQ&t=2h02m06s with transcript https://scalingbitcoin.org/transcript/montreal2015/block-synchronization-time
Bitcoin's P2P Network: The Soft Underbelly of Bitcoin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6kibPzbrIc someone's notes: https://gist.github.com/romyilano/5e22394857a39889a1e5 reddit discussion https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/4py5df/so_f2pool_antpool_btcc_pool_are_actually_one_pool/
In adversarial environments blockchains dont scale https://scalingbitcoin.org/transcript/hongkong2015/in-adversarial-environments-blockchains-dont-scale
Why miners will not voluntarily individually produce smaller blocks https://scalingbitcoin.org/transcript/hongkong2015/why-miners-will-not-voluntarily-individually-produce-smaller-blocks
Hal Finney: bitcoin's blockchain can only be a settlement layer (mostly interesting because it's hal finney and its in 2010) https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/3sb5nj/most_bitcoin_transactions_will_occur_between/
petertodd's 2013 video explaining this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZp7UGgBR0I
luke-jr's summary https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/61yvvv/request_to_core_devs_please_explain_your_vision/dficjhj/
Another jratcliff thread https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/6lmpll/explaining_why_big_blocks_are_bad/

Full blocks are not a disaster

Blocks must be always full, there must always be a backlog https://medium.com/@bergealex4/bitcoin-is-unstable-without-the-block-size-size-limit-70db07070a54#.kh2vi86lr
Same as above, the mining gap means there must always be a backlog talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2453&v=iKDC2DpzNbw transcript: https://scalingbitcoin.org/transcript/montreal2015/security-of-diminishing-block-subsidy
Backlogs arent that bad https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/49p011/was_the_fee_event_really_so_bad_my_mind_is/
Examples where scarce block space causes people to use precious resources more efficiently https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/4kxxvj/i_just_singlehandedly_increased_bitcoin_network/
Full blocks are fine https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/5uld1a/misconception_full_blocks_mean_bitcoin_is_failing/
High miner fees imply a sustainable future for bitcoin https://www.reddit.com/BitcoinMarkets/comments/680tvf/fundamentals_friday_week_of_friday_april_28_2017/dgwmhl7/
gmaxwell on why full blocks are good https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/6b57ca/full_blocks_good_or_bad/dhjxwbz/
The whole idea of the mempool being "filled" is wrong headed. The mempool doesn't "clog" or get stuck, or anything like that. https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/7cusnx/to_the_people_still_doubting_that_this_congestion/dpssokf/


What is segwit

luke-jr's longer summary https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/6033h7/today_is_exactly_4_months_since_the_segwit_voting/df3tgwg/?context=1
Charlie Shrem's on upgrading to segwit https://twitter.com/CharlieShrem/status/842711238853513220
Original segwit talk at scalingbitcoin hong kong + transcript https://youtu.be/zchzn7aPQjI?t=110
Segwit is not too complex https://www.reddit.com/btc/comments/57vjin/segwit_is_not_great/d8vos33/
Segwit does not make it possible for miners to steal coins, contrary to what some people say https://www.reddit.com/btc/comments/5e6bt0/concerns_with_segwit_and_anyone_can_spend/daa5jat/?context=1
Segwit is required for a useful lightning network It's now known that without a malleability fix useful indefinite channels are not really possible.
Clearing up SegWit Lies and Myths: https://achow101.com/2016/04/Segwit-FUD-Clearup
Segwit is bigger blocks https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/5pb8vs/misinformation_is_working_54_incorrectly_believe/dcpz3en/
Typical usage results in segwit allowing capacity equivalent to 2mb blocks https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/69i2md/observe_for_yourself_segwit_allows_2_mb_blocks_in/

Why is segwit being blocked

Jihan Wu (head of largest bitcoin mining group) is blocking segwit because of perceived loss of income https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/60mb9e/complete_high_quality_translation_of_jihans/
Witness discount creates aligned incentives https://segwit.org/why-a-discount-factor-of-4-why-not-2-or-8-bbcebe91721e#.h36odthq0 https://medium.com/@SegWit.co/what-is-behind-the-segwit-discount-988f29dc1edf#.sr91dg406
or because he wants his mining enterprise to have control over bitcoin https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/6jdyk8/direct_report_of_jihan_wus_real_reason_fo

Segwit is being blocked because it breaks ASICBOOST, a patented optimization used by bitmain ASIC manufacturer

Details and discovery by gmaxwell https://lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipermail/bitcoin-dev/2017-April/013996.html
Reddit thread with discussion https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/63otrp/gregory_maxwell_major_asic_manufacturer_is/
Simplified explaination by jonny1000 https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/64qq5g/attempted_explanation_of_the_alleged_asicboost/
Evidence https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/63yo27/some_circumstantial_evidence_supporting_the_claim/
Bitmain admits their chips have asicboost but they say they never used it on the network (haha a likely story) https://blog.bitmain.com/en/regarding-recent-allegations-smear-campaigns/
Worth $100m per year to them (also in gmaxwell's original email) https://twitter.com/petertoddbtc/status/849798529929424898
Other calculations show less https://medium.com/@vcorem/the-real-savings-from-asicboost-to-bitmaintech-ff265c2d305b
This also blocks all these other cool updates, not just segwit https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/63otrp/gregory_maxwell_major_asic_manufacturer_is/dfw0ej3/
Summary of bad consequences of asicboost https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/64qq5g/attempted_explanation_of_the_alleged_asicboost/dg4hyqk/?context=1
Luke's summary of the entire situation https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/6ego3s/why_is_killing_asicboost_not_a_priority/diagkkb/?context=1
Prices goes up because now segwit looks more likely https://twitter.com/TuurDemeestestatus/849846845425799168
Asicboost discovery made the price rise https://twitter.com/TuurDemeestestatus/851520094677200901
A pool was caught red handed doing asicboost, by this time it seemed fairly certain that segwit would get activated so it didnt produce as much interest as earlier https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/6p7lr5/1hash_pool_has_mined_2_invalid_blocks/ and https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/6p95dl/interesting_1hash_pool_mined_some_invalid_blocks/ and https://twitter.com/petertoddbtc/status/889475196322811904
This btc user is outraged at the entire forum because they support Bitmain and ASICBOOST https://www.reddit.com/btc/comments/67t43y/dragons_den_planned_smear_campaign_of_bitmain/dgtg9l2/
Antbleed, turns out Bitmain can shut down all its ASICs by remote control: http://www.antbleed.com/

What if segwit never activates

What if segwit never activates? https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/6ab8js/transaction_fees_are_now_making_btc_like_the_banks/dhdq3id/ with https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/5ksu3o/blinded_bearer_certificates/ and https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/4xy0fm/scaling_quickly/


bitcoinmagazine's series on what lightning is and how it works https://bitcoinmagazine.com/articles/understanding-the-lightning-network-part-building-a-bidirectional-payment-channel-1464710791/ https://bitcoinmagazine.com/articles/understanding-the-lightning-network-part-creating-the-network-1465326903/ https://bitcoinmagazine.com/articles/understanding-the-lightning-network-part-completing-the-puzzle-and-closing-the-channel-1466178980/
The Lightning Network ELIDHDICACS (Explain Like I Don’t Have Degrees in Cryptography and Computer Science) https://letstalkbitcoin.com/blog/post/the-lightning-network-elidhdicacs
Ligtning will increases fees for miners, not lower them https://medium.com/lightning-resources/the-lightning-paradox-f15ce0e8e374#.erfgunumh
Cost-benefit analysis of lightning from the point of view of miners https://medium.com/@rusty_lightning/miners-and-bitcoin-lightning-a133cd550310#.x42rovlg8
Routing blog post by rusty https://medium.com/@rusty_lightning/routing-dijkstra-bellman-ford-and-bfg-7715840f004 and reddit comments https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/4lzkz1/rusty_russell_on_lightning_routing_routing/
Lightning protocol rfc https://github.com/lightningnetwork/lightning-rfc
Blog post with screenshots of ln being used on testnet https://medium.com/@btc_coach/lightning-network-in-action-b18a035c955d video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxGiMu4V7ns
Video of sending and receiving ln on testnet https://twitter.com/alexbosworth/status/844030573131706368
Lightning tradeoffs http://www.coindesk.com/lightning-technical-challenges-bitcoin-scalability/
Beer sold for testnet lightning https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/62uw23/lightning_network_is_working_room77_is_accepting/ and https://twitter.com/MrHodl/status/848265171269283845
Lightning will result in far fewer coins being stored on third parties because it supports instant transactions https://medium.com/@thecryptoconomy/the-barely-discussed-incredible-benefit-of-the-lightning-network-4ce82c75eb58
jgarzik argues strongly against LN, he owns a coin tracking startup https://twitter.com/petertoddbtc/status/860826532650123264 https://twitter.com/Beautyon_/status/886128801926795264
luke's great debunking / answer of some misinformation questions https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/6st4eq/questions_about_lightning_network/dlfap0u/
Lightning centralization doesnt happen https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/6vzau5/reminder_bitcoins_key_strength_is_in_being/dm4ou3v/?context=1
roasbeef on hubs and charging fees https://twitter.com/roasbeef/status/930209165728825344 and https://twitter.com/roasbeef/status/930210145790976000

Immutability / Being a swiss bank in your pocket / Why doing a hard fork (especially without consensus) is damaging

A downside of hard forks is damaging bitcoin's immutability https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/5em6vu/what_happens_if_segwit_doesnt_activate/dae1r6c/?context=3
Interesting analysis of miners incentives and how failure is possible, don't trust the miners for long term https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/5gtew4/why_an_increased_block_size_increases_the_cost_of/daybazj/?context=2
waxwing on the meaning of cash and settlement https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/5ei7m3/unconfirmed_transactions_60k_total_fees_14btc/dad001v/
maaku on the cash question https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/5i5iq5/we_are_spoiled/db5luiv/?context=1
Digital gold funamentalists gain nothing from supporting a hard fork to larger block sizes https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/5xzunq/core_please_compromise_before_we_end_up_with_bu/dem73xg/?context=1
Those asking for a compromise don't understand the underlying political forces https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/6ef7wb/some_comments_on_the_bip148_uasf_from_the/dia236b/?context=3
Nobody wants a contentious hard fork actually, anti-core people got emotionally manipulated https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/5sq5ocontentious_forks_vs_incremental_progress/ddip57o/
The hard work of the core developers has kept bitcoin scalable https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/3hfgpo/an_initiative_to_bring_advanced_privacy_features/cu7mhw8?context=9
Recent PRs to improve bitcoin scaleability ignored by the debate https://twitter.com/jfnewbery/status/883001356168167425
gmaxwell against hard forks since 2013 https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=140233.20
maaku: hard forks are really bad https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/5zxjza/adam_greg_core_devs_and_big_blockers_now_is_the/df275yk/?context=2

Some metrics on what the market thinks of decentralization and hostile hard forks

The price history shows that the exchange rate drops every time a hard fork threatens: https://i.imgur.com/EVPYLR8.jpg
and this example from 2017 https://twitter.com/WhalePanda/status/845562763820912642
http://imgur.com/a/DuHAn btc users lose money
price supporting theymos' moderation https://i.imgur.com/0jZdF9h.png
old version https://i.imgur.com/BFTxTJl.png
older version https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CxqtUakUQAEmC0d.jpg
about 50% of nodes updated to the soft fork node quite quickly https://imgur.com/O0xboVI

Bitcoin Unlimited / Emergent Consensus is badly designed, changes the game theory of bitcoin

Bitcoin Unlimited was a proposed hard fork client, it was made with the intention to stop segwit from activating
A Future Led by Bitcoin Unlimited is a Centralized Future https://blog.sia.tech/a-future-led-by-bitcoin-unlimited-is-a-centralized-future-e48ab52c817a#.p1ly6hldk
Flexible transactions are bugged https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/57tf5g/bitcoindev_bluematt_on_flexible_transactions/
Bugged BU software mines an invalid block, wasting 13 bitcoins or $12k
bitcoin.com employees are moderators of btc https://medium.com/@WhalePanda/the-curious-relation-between-bitcoin-com-anti-segwit-propaganda-26c877249976#.vl02566k4
miners don't control stuff like the block size http://hackingdistributed.com/2016/01/03/time-for-bitcoin-user-voice/
even gavin agreed that economic majority controls things https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/5ywoi9/in_2010_gavin_predicted_that_exchanges_ie_the/
fork clients are trying to steal bitcoin's brand and network effect, theyre no different from altcoins https://medium.com/@Coinosphere/why-bitcoin-unlimited-should-be-correctly-classified-as-an-attempted-robbery-of-bitcoin-not-a-9355d075763c#.qeaynlx5m
BU being active makes it easier to reverse payments, increases wasted work making the network less secure and giving an advantage to bigger miners https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/5g1x84/bitcoin_unlimited_bu_median_value_of_miner_eb/
bitcoin unlimited takes power away from users and gives it to miners https://medium.com/@alpalpalp/bitcoin-unlimiteds-placebo-controls-6320cbc137d4#.q0dv15gd5
bitcoin unlimited's accepted depth https://twitter.com/tdryja/status/804770009272696832
BU's lying propaganda poster https://imgur.com/osrViDE

BU is bugged, poorly-reviewed and crashes

bitcoin unlimited allegedly funded by kraken stolen coins
Other funding stuff
A serious bug in BU https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/5h70s3/bitcoin_unlimited_bu_the_developers_have_realized/
A summary of what's wrong with BU: https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/5z3wg2/jihanwu_we_will_switch_the_entire_pool_to/devak98/

Bitcoin Unlimited Remote Exploit Crash 14/3/2017

https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/5zdkv3/bitcoin_unlimited_remote_exploit_crash/ https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/5zeb76/timbe https://www.reddit.com/btc/comments/5zdrru/peter_todd_bu_remote_crash_dos_wtf_bug_assert0_in/
BU devs calling it as disaster https://twitter.com/SooMartindale/status/841758265188966401 also btc deleted a thread about the exploit https://i.imgur.com/lVvFRqN.png
Summary of incident https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/5zf97j/i_was_undecided_now_im_not/
More than 20 exchanges will list BTU as an altcoin
Again a few days later https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/60qmkt/bu_is_taking_another_shit_timberrrrr

User Activated Soft Fork (UASF)

site for it, including list of businesses supporting it http://www.uasf.co/
luke's view
threat of UASF makes the miner fall into line in litecoin
UASF delivers the goods for vertcoin
UASF coin is more valuable https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/6cgv44/a_uasf_chain_will_be_profoundly_more_valuable/
All the links together in one place https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/6dzpew/hi_its_mkwia_again_maintainer_of_uasfbitcoin_on/
p2sh was a uasf https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/blob/v0.6.0/src/main.cpp#L1281-L1283
jgarzik annoyed at the strict timeline that segwit2x has to follow because of bip148 https://twitter.com/jgarzik/status/886605836902162432
Committed intolerant minority https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/6d7dyt/a_plea_for_rational_intolerance_extremism_and/
alp on the game theory of the intolerant minority https://medium.com/@alpalpalp/user-activated-soft-forks-and-the-intolerant-minority-a54e57869f57
The risk of UASF is less than the cost of doing nothing https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/6bof7a/were_getting_to_the_point_where_a_the_cost_of_not/
uasf delivered the goods for bitcoin, it forced antpool and others to signal (May 2016) https://bitcoinmagazine.com/articles/antpool-will-not-run-segwit-without-block-size-increase-hard-fork-1464028753/ "When asked specifically whether Antpool would run SegWit code without a hard fork increase in the block size also included in a release of Bitcoin Core, Wu responded: “No. It is acceptable that the hard fork code is not activated, but it needs to be included in a ‘release’ of Bitcoin Core. I have made it clear about the definition of ‘release,’ which is not ‘public.’”"
Screenshot of peter rizun capitulating https://twitter.com/chris_belcher_/status/905231603991007232

Fighting off 2x HF

b2x is most of all about firing core https://twitter.com/WhalePanda/status/912664487135760384

Misinformation / sockpuppets

three year old account, only started posting today https://archive.is/3STjH
Why we should not hard fork after the UASF worked: https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/6sl1qf/heres_why_we_should_not_hard_fork_in_a_few_months/


Good article that covers virtually all the important history https://bitcoinmagazine.com/articles/long-road-segwit-how-bitcoins-biggest-protocol-upgrade-became-reality/
Interesting post with some history pre-2015 https://btcmanager.com/the-long-history-of-the-fight-over-scaling-bitcoin/
The core scalabality roadmap + my summary from 3/2017 https://lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipermail/bitcoin-dev/2015-Decembe011865.html my summary https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/5xa5fa/the_core_development_scalability_roadmap/
History from summer 2015 https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/5xg7f8/the_origins_of_the_blocksize_debate/
Brief reminders of the ETC situation https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/6nvlgo/simple_breakdown_of_bip91_its_simply_the_miners/dkcycrz/
Longer writeup of ethereum's TheDAO bailout fraud https://www.reddit.com/ethereumfraud/comments/6bgvqv/faq_what_exactly_is_the_fraud_in_ethereum/
Point that the bigblocker side is only blocking segwit as a hostage https://www.reddit.com/BitcoinMarkets/comments/5sqhcq/daily_discussion_wednesday_february_08_2017/ddi3ctv/?context=3
jonny1000's recall of the history of bitcoin https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/6s34gg/rbtc_spreading_misinformation_in_rbitcoinmarkets/dl9wkfx/

Misc (mostly memes)

libbitcoin's Understanding Bitcoin series (another must read, most of it) https://github.com/libbitcoin/libbitcoin/wiki/Understanding-Bitcoin
github commit where satoshi added the block size limit https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/63859l/github_commit_where_satoshi_added_the_block_size/
hard fork proposals from some core devs https://bitcoinhardforkresearch.github.io/
blockstream hasnt taken over the entire bitcoin core project https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/622bjp/bitcoin_core_blockstream/
blockstream is one of the good guys https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/6cttkh/its_happening_blockstream_opens_liquid_sidechain/dhxu4e
Forkers, we're not raising a single byte! Song lyrics by belcher https://gist.github.com/chris-belche7264cd6750a86f8b4a9a
Some stuff here along with that cool photoshopped poster https://medium.com/@jimmysong/bitcoin-realism-or-how-i-learned-to-stop-worrying-and-love-1mb-blocks-c191c35e74cb
Nice graphic https://twitter.com/RNR_0/status/871070843698380800
gmaxwell saying how he is probably responsible for the most privacy tech in bitcoin, while mike hearn screwed up privacy https://www.reddit.com/btc/comments/6azyme/hey_bu_wheres_your_testnet/dhiq3xo/?context=6
Fairly cool propaganda poster https://twitter.com/urbanarson/status/880476631583924225
btc tankman https://i.redd.it/gxjqenzpr27z.png https://twitter.com/DanDarkPill/status/853653168151986177
asicboost discovery meme https://twitter.com/allenscottoshi/status/849888189124947971
gavin wanted to kill the bitcoin chain https://twitter.com/allenscottoshi/status/849888189124947971
stuff that btc believes https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/6ld4a5/serious_is_the_rbtc_and_the_bu_crowd_a_joke_how/djszsqu/
after segwit2x NYA got agreed all the fee pressure disappeared, laurenmt found they were artificial spam https://twitter.com/i/moments/885827802775396352
theymos saying why victory isnt inevitable https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/6lmpll/explaining_why_big_blocks_are_bad/djvxv2o/
with ignorant enemies like these its no wonder we won https://bitco.in/forum/threads/gold-collapsing-bitcoin-up.16/page-999 ""So, once segwit2x activates, from that moment on it will require a coordinated fork to avoid the up coming "baked in" HF. ""
a positive effect of bcash, it made blockchain utxo spammers move away from bitcoin https://www.reddit.com/btc/comments/76lv0b/cryptograffitiinfo_now_accepts_bitcoin_cash/dof38gw/
summary of craig wright, jihan wu and roger ver's positions https://medium.com/@HjalmarPeters/the-big-blockers-bead6027deb2
Why is bitcoin so strong against attack?!?! (because we're motivated and awesome) https://www.reddit.com/btc/comments/64wo1h/bitcoin_unlimited_is_being_blocked_by_antivirus/dg5n00x/
what happened to #oldjeffgarzik https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/6ufv5x/a_reminder_of_some_of_jeff_garziks_greatest/
big blockers fully deserve to lose every last bitcoin they ever had and more https://www.reddit.com/BitcoinMarkets/comments/756nxf/daily_discussion_monday_october_09_2017/do5ihqi/
gavinandresen brainstorming how to kill bitcoin with a 51% in a nasty way https://twitter.com/btcdrak/status/843914877542567937
Roger Ver as bitcoin Judas https://imgur.com/a/Rf1Pi
A bunch of tweets and memes celebrating UASF
https://twitter.com/shaolinfry/status/842457019286188032 | https://twitter.com/SatoshiLite/status/888335092560441345 | https://twitter.com/btcArtGallery/status/887485162925285377 | https://twitter.com/Beautyon_/status/888109901611802624 | https://twitter.com/Excellion/status/889211512966873088 | https://twitter.com/lopp/status/888200452197801984 | https://twitter.com/AlpacaSW/status/886988980524396544 | https://twitter.com/BashCo_/status/877253729531162624 | https://twitter.com/tdryja/status/865212300361379840 | https://twitter.com/Excellion/status/871179040157179904 | https://twitter.com/TraceMayestatus/849856343074902016 | https://twitter.com/TraceMayestatus/841855022640033792 | https://fs.bitcoinmagazine.com/img/images/Screen_Shot_2017-08-18_at_01.36.47.original.png
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I am the BearWhale: UASF Now!

A signed version of this message can be found here https://pastebin.com/Lp5Djs5R
Hello. I am the BearWhale. After a series of bad experiences with the banking system, I invested most of my life savings into bitcoin when the price was fairly low, around $8. For years I was a HODLer. I was holding when Trendon Shavers ripped everyone off. I was holding when the price was over a thousand, and I held after MtGox imploded. I believe strongly in Bitcoin’s decentralized promise of displacing immoral national currencies.
The price kept drifting downwards until finally at a little over $300 I had enough. I sold off everything, based on an accumulation of information I gathered mostly from social media such as bitcointalk.org and reddit:
At this point I should state that I am a highly technical person. I understand all of the math behind the bitcoin whitepaper and the software that powers it. Although, I am not a security expert nor am I a cypherpunk - only a little experience in the type of adversarial thinking necessary to be a competent steward of the technology. I don’t regret selling, as I made an enormous profit. The decision was a rational one based on available information. However, in 2017 I went all-in on bitcoin again and here’s why:
None of the supposed facts which motivated my decision to sell were correct. It was all a carefully crafted and funded disinformation campaign launched by Roger Ver and his cronies, perhaps Jihan Wu, to discourage improvements to the bitcoin protocol to achieve financial gain at the expense of the community.
Once I recognized the moves to discredit the core developers for what it was, a covertly operated smear campaign fought on social media, funded by enormous enrichment from bitcoin, carried out with sock puppets and appeals to emotion, I looked at bitcoin and the greater community again with a more critical eye and I came to the following conclusions:
Although I am of course an adult fully responsible for my decisions, I want to make it clear that Roger Ver’s agenda was successful at convincing me that bitcoin had a “governance crisis” and was at risk of being overtaken by altcoins.
My reason for this open letter s simple: I want the community to know that I fully support the core developers. I am strongly in favor of UASF as a mechanism for liminating the centralizing effect of miner control illusions. I support SegWit as a sensible technology for moving Bitcoin forward. I reject a block-size increase hard fork at the present time. I reject a phony “compromise.” And I especially resent and reject a consortium of suits coming to an “agreement” on what source-code base will be named “bitcoin” without that code base being thoroughly vetted over a suitable long time-frame by industry professionals. Those industry professionals include Gregory Maxwell and most of the people who participate regularly on the bitcoin developers mailing list and contribute pull requests to the bitcoin-core repository.
tl;dr; I am the BearWhale: I sold Bitcoin for the wrong reasons, and now I am all-in and long bitcoin again.
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[Daily Discussion] Sunday, August 16, 2015

Welcome to the /BitcoinMarkets daily discussion thread!
Thread topics include, but are not limited to:
Thread Guidelines
Other ways to interact
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Confessions thread

Kind of click baity title, sorry for that.
Reading the comments on this sub I noticed quite a few 'confessions' going a little like this: 'I started out as a bitcoiner, got disappointed by BTC or inspired by ETH and flippened.'
Now I thought wouldn't it be jolly good fun to have a thread dedicated to these kind of confessions!?
It would be interesting to know about how you got to know bitcoin, what got you hooked. How you got to know Ethereum and what made you flip?
Please don't turn this into a 'let's bash coins' thread. Genuinely interested.
EDIT: Thanks everyone. It's great reading all your personal journeys into crypto and specifically ETH. The stories that struck me most are the ones where crypto has enabled a new lifestyle, seeing your parents more often, being able to afford things unthinkable before.
Thanks for the time and honesty!
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This is the portfolio of the kid that will be paid more than Gavin, using the funds we donated.

This is the portfolio of the kid that will be paid more than Gavin, using the funds we donated. submitted by BigMoneyGuy to Bitcoin [link] [comments]


Bitcoin Companies Would Be Required to Take a Pledge or Take a “Bitcoin Basics” Course. Theymos made the decision about the pledge on November 8, the same day the Segwit2x working group decided to cancel the hard fork. Theymos argued that several companies had previously declared that miners control bitcoin. Bitcoin price is still rising. Experts predict the future rise for Bitcoin price as in 2017. 4 June 2019 $7,750 The price of bitcoin fell by more than 10%. 15 June 2019 $8,700 The price of BTC has risen above $ 8,000. Experts claim that the 2015 pattern is repeating. 16 June 2019 $9,311 Cryptocurrency updated the annual maximum at around $9000 If these — close to 1 million BTC — coins would be brought back into circulation, there is no telling what would happen to the bitcoin price. Theymos, the owner of the BitcoinTalk forums and Maybe it's time to discuss r/bitcoin's history again. Credit to u/singularity87 for the original post over 3 years ago.. People should get the full story of r/bitcoin because it is probably one of the strangest of all reddit subs.. r/bitcoin, the main sub for the bitcoin community is held and run by a person who goes by the pseudonym u/theymos.Theymos not only controls r/bitcoin, but also The leader behind this agenda was Theymos. He was known for moderating the r/bitcoin subreddit. During the winter of 2017, bitcoin reached its highest price level, nearing the $20,000 mark. However, during this time bitcoin fees also skyrocketed. They reached an

[index] [18421] [10892] [23691] [4053] [354] [1476] [29430] [20645] [3209] [29017]

5-Figure Bitcoin Price Predictions

Bitcoin price drops 15% in a matter of minutes. What does this mean for bitcoin bulls? Is btc even bullish anymore? Here is what you can look out for on the bitcoin charts. NEW Bitcoin Price Prediction Here is How BTC Can Reach $288,000 After Bitcoin Halving - Duration: 17:46. Aimstone 26,956 views. 17:46. Bitcoin finding difficulty to break the key structure level. Price rejection at this point can be very fatal. Must watch key area for BTC at the moment. Welcome to Team Underground, I (Thomas) do weekly BTC price analysis on YouTube. I've been full time trading bitcoin for over a year now and I've decided to share some of my analysis on YouTube ... Most Realistic Bitcoin Price Prediction for June 2020 Best Bitcoin Price Prediction 2020 Charts 👀 - Duration: 10:15. Altcoin Daily 44,770 views. 10:15.

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